On Vacation

The drive over was uneventful except for the four different seasons we drove through. It was snowing on the Blues but it was brief and light. Lots of heavy rain storms all over. Shelley made the comment as we crossed the Blues, “This time next week we’ll be sleeping and hiking in this!”. Yes we will.

Today we worked on the interior decorating in the basement. We rearranged the furniture, hung some pictures we brought over as well as placed some rugs around the basement.

We are having some technical problems with the under floor heating. The bedroom circuit is working fine, but the living room and office is not. The electrician came over this afternoon and trouble shooted the problem and determined it was not an electrical issue. So tomorrow the installer is coming over to take a look. It appears that the wiring in the wall or floor may have been damaged after installation. All I know is it’s still under warranty. We have a planned meeting with Gloria tomorrow too, so that should be the main topic as the installer is coming over with her.

Shelley and I are hitting all our favorite spots in the short time we are here. We ate dinner at The 74th St Ale House after we got in yesterday. We are currently at The Pike Place Market and Shelley is getting her tea. Then we are eating dinner at The Pike Brewery (a pint of Kilt Lifter, or two, and crab-stuffed salmon over garlic mashed potatoes).

Tomorrow it’s all you can eat Chutney’s after our meeting. Dinner is TBD.

Then an early bedtime and even earlier rise to be at Alpine Ascents by 6:30 am. Robert is taking us down to their offices in the morning, but we might be taking a taxi home as all our rides are out if town or busy. Oh well. We’ll smell as good as the cabbie, so we should fit right in.


One Response to “On Vacation”

  1. Sue Says:

    Chutneys… Sigh. Have a wonderful dinner. And have a great time on the mountain. We’re all thinking about you two.


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