We Are Down

Just a short note to let everyone know we are down and heading back to Seattle. I will send more later in the week.

Just some brief comments for now.

It was a great trip. A real Denali prep course. We camped in winter storm and white out condition (at times) during the first three or four days. Some guides were saying that, “Even Denali isn’t this bad.”. We got around 30″ of snow the first four days with winds gusting to 30 -50 mph. It was pretty gnarly at times. We couldn’t move up to Camp Muir till day six.

We did not summit. The avalanche conditions from all the new snow was just too high. We did rope up on day seven and climbed up to 11,100 but that was as high as we got. Bummer. But we weren’t really expecting to. It would have just been a cherry on top of the trip.

So, we are headed back to Seattle. Tomorrow we drive back to Boise. I took tons of photos and videos that I’ll work on getting up here in the coming days and weeks.

Oh, one last thing. Nothing on this trip has dampered our desire to go to Denali next year. We’ll hold off on a final decision till after our Emmons climb up Rainier this August. But this prep course hasn’t caused us any new concerns about Denali.


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