Update From Seattle

Shelley and I have been in Seattle since last Saturday and I just haven’t gotten around to posting what we’ve been up to.  We arrived Saturday evening with the dogs for a week of ballgames, family, friends and food.

Sunday afternoon we went over to Barbara and Jim’s for a BBQ with family.  The Bellevue Hernon’s were there as was Joe and daughter Ella, Nick came over as did Robert.  We all hung out and watched the Mariners on TV lose another game. 

Bob cooked up some ribs and brought them over and then Jim (newly retired) braved the rain on the deck to brown them up on his BBQ.  I also brought over a 6-pack of my newest brew, Summit Ridge Brewery’s Nut Brown Ale.  It was very tasty and the 6-pack went fast.   Here’s Jim working the BBQ…….and no, the umbrella was not staged.

Here is Cameron, Bob and Jennifer’s son, working his way down the line.  We had lots of sides to choose from to go with the ribs.

Bob, with Jennifer’s help, is cutting up the ribs after they have come off the BBQ.

Shelley and I hung out over at the house till almost 9:00 pm just visiting.  It was a really nice afternoon and evening with everyone. 

Then on Monday, we did it all over again, but this time with our friends Mike and Megan and Dan and Carolyn.  We had dinner over at Mike and Megan’s house this time.  Mike put on a pretty nice spread of chicken, burgers and brats on the BBQ.  Megan made some jalapeno poppers (home-made, not store-bought) and they were great too!  You can see them warming on the BBQ.

Again, there was a very nice spread of sides to go with everything.

This was a nice visit too.  Getting to catch up with everyone we only see a couple of times a year. 

Today was our first ballgame of the trip.  In fact, we just got home just a little while ago.  I actually got to see the Mariners win, too!  Pretty amazing after watching Vargas have 64 pitches through three innings.  Not only did he get the win, but he went seven full innings too.  In the third inning, he got the first two outs on only seven pitches, but still threw 19 in the inning.  Unbelievable.  I still can’t believe the game was over in under 3 hours.  Good game. 

Shelley and I have been doing some odds and ends stuff around the house the last couple days.  I installed all the knobs and pulls in the bathroom, installed the towel rods as well, mowed and fertilized the yard and bought some small stuff we needed like a soap dish and door mats.  We also took the dogs to a dog park on Mercer Island today.  Pretty nice place.  There are no dog parks in Seattle that allow dogs to get into the water.  Soooooooo, lame.  We went over to Luther Burbank Park today and it was pretty nice.  The dogs have been left behind for all our visits so far so they deserved a chance to get out and run around.  They did just that too.  We’ll take them back there at least once more, maybe twice. 

It has rained everyday we’ve been here so far and the weather forecast is for more of the same.  Bummer.  We did get some sun in today for most of the afternoon, but the roof was closed at the game and we walked back to the car in the rain. 

Tomorrow we have, what should be, our final meeting with our contractor.  Our electronics get installed tomorrow morning as well.  So we should have our network and wifi up and running tomorrow as well as our television installed downstairs. 

That’s it for now.  You are all current with what’s going on with us.  I’ll write more this week.


2 Responses to “Update From Seattle”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Sounds like a very productive, fun, and delicious trip. We’re looking forward to seeing you both upon your return.


  2. Courtney Says:

    Really glad to see you guys are having a great time!


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