More From Seattle

This will be my last post this week.  We are going to be getting busy the next couple days, but I wanted to drop everyone a line about what we’ve been up to here in Seattle.

Wednesday we had the electrician come in and install our network for the house.  The TV is now up and working (I’m watching the M’s in HD as I type on the laptop using our new wifi) and all the computer terminals are functioning.  We had a meeting with Gloria too and she brought over a thank-you basket of goodies for us as a new-remodel warming present.

We had lunch at all-you-can-eat Chutney’s and ran a couple of errands looking for accessories for the basement.  Not very exciting.

Today we took the dogs back to the dog park on Mercer Island.  It is easily one of the nicest dog parks we have ever been to.  It’s large and has lots of water access.  Here’s a photo of it from the entrance gate.

Here’s Jake swimming out to get the ball.

Jake can be a very patient dog waiting for the ball to get thrown……Ripley on the other just has trouble sometimes and can’t contain herself when she’s told to sit and wait.

We did some more shopping this afternoon after the dog park.  We found a couple of end tables for the basement at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  But that’s been it, really.  We still need some speaker stands and another end table for our two chairs.

Barbara came over to check out the basement this afternoon as well.  She and Jim are at the game tonight (4 – 1 Seattle now).  Tomorrow we are eating breakfast at Julia’s, then we are driving to the dump with a load of garbage that I’ve been cleaning out of the patio.  Friday night is Train Car night at the game so we’ll be at the stadium early to get a train car.  Then we’ll eat dinner somewhere down near the stadium.  Maybe at Pyramid since we’ll be down there so early.  Then it’s a quick turn-around to Saturday morning.  We are going to Saturday afternoon’s Mariner game at 1:10 pm then a few hours to kill before we take in the Sounders FC game at 7:30 pm.  Long day on Saturday.  Sunday morning we head back to Boise.

Next week I hope to finish the Denali Prep Course stories, I just have three more days to cover.


2 Responses to “More From Seattle”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I’m sorry but having lunch at Chutney’s is always exciting. 😉


  2. T Rex Mom Says:

    Have a safe trip home and I wish we had one of those dog parks here. So nice the dogs get to enjoy a vacation too.


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