Home From Seattle

We got home on Sunday from our Seattle visit.  I’ve been catching up on the yard, running errands and teaching at our academy Monday and Tuesday so I couldn’t get this post out till today.

The last couple days in Seattle were pretty busy days.  We saw two baseball games.  They were easily two of the worst baseball games I have ever seen in my life.  That’s saying something coming from someone who went to Mariner games in 1992.  How this for a pitching line:  .1 innings, 2 hits, 3 runs, all earned, 1 walk, 1 strikeout on 16 pitches, only 7 strikes.  Bad, yeh?  How about this one:  1.1 innings, 4 hits, 4 runs, all earned, 2 walks, 32 pitches, 16 strikes.  It took 45 minutes to play the top half of the 6th inning and another 20 minutes to play the top half of the seventh inning.  Misery.

The weather for Saturday afternoon was great though.  We had rain or overcast skies for most of the trip.  So Saturday was nice.

Most of crowd bailed in the seventh inning and then the seagulls showed up.  This was weird.  I’ve never seen this before at Safeco.  The seagulls must have thought the game was over or something because they all came in to feed off the scraps left behind.  The problem was, the game wasn’t over.  There were hundreds of birds flying around inside the stadium.

It was turn-back the clock day at the game.  They turned the clock all the way back to 1995…..15 years.  Oh, boy.  Well, when you have no history it’s hard to turn the clock back to something.  The grounds crew came out to rake the infield in the sixth inning and they dressed up like MC Hammer and did the MC Hammer dance to “Can’t Touch This.”  It was clearly the highlight of the sixth inning.

After the Mariners game Shelley and I had about three hours to kill before the Sounders FC game over at Qwest.  Sylvia and her son Nick and his friend Evan were all at the game and we hooked up afterwards and had dinner over at The Pyramid Ale House. Nick is on the right wearing the cap.

After dinner and a couple of beverages, we all walked over to Elysian Fields Brewery on Occidental Avenue, right next to Qwest and had one more drink.  You can’t drink all in one spot, you know.  Choice Is Good.  On the way over to Elysian, the March to the Match was just arriving and I caught this video of it outside Elysian.  It is still a great turnout for the march.  I didn’t film long as The Immortal IPA on cask was awaiting.

Inside the stadium the crowd was packed in.  In fact, there was 3,500 more fans in Qwest to watch the Sounders FC then there had been over at Safeco to watch the Mariners.  This has been happening all year.  Whenever the Sounders FC play at home on the same day the Mariners play, the Sounders FC are out-drawing the Mariners.  Sounders FC fans love their flags too.  I actually think that’s kind of cool.

I love these double-header sports days when we go to Seattle.

Come Sunday morning it was time to head back to Boise.  But first we stopped at the Pike Place Market and picked up some Chinook salmon.  We brought it back to Boise so Travis could smoke it for dinner on Monday.  Here’s the guy at the fish market filleting the salmon I picked out.  I failed to have our good digital camera with me for the rest of the photos in this post.  Sorry about the quality, but they are all taken with my iPhone instead.  They’re not bad, but just not as nice as the digital camera.

Once we got back to Boise, we dropped off the fish at Travis’ house and he smoked it for dinner on Monday night.  Being from Texas, he puts his Texas flag out on the house whenever he has the smoker cooking.  Kind of a neat idea.  Kind of like having a beer flag up on your bar, only it’s for smok’n, not free beer.

Here’s the smoker with the 7 1/2 pounds of salmon and some corn on the cob to go with it.  It turned out sooooooo good.  Travis did a great job on this, just wonderful.  We may have to do this every time we come back from Seattle.  That is, if he’s willing to put in the hours it takes to smoke it.


One Response to “Home From Seattle”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Glad you’re back safe. That seagull thing must have been kind of eerie. Looks like lots of fun, albeit, a little frustrating at times.

    The smoked salmon looks good even if I don’t eat salmon.

    We hope to catch up with you guys soon – it’s been too long.

    You have a giant red bag in our garage.


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