The Honey Ale is in the Keg

Here’s the link to the brewing of this beer back in May.

I kegged and bottled the 2010 version of my Honey Ale this afternoon.  The aroma is very good, as is the flavor.  I’m really looking forward to this version.  This is my third time brewing this recipe, so I’m hoping I have it dialed in.  Or at least I hope I’m very, very close.  The transfer went smoothly, but I only ended up with 14 bottles after filling my 5-gallon keg.

Here is the transfer in progress.  The secondary is on the counter with the siphon leading to the keg’s output.

I sterilize the bottles at the same time I sterilize the bottling bucket.  I just fill the bucket up with bottles and fill the whole thing up with water that has been treated with a sterilizer.  Two birds with one stone.  Here’s the bottles in the bucket as I’m draining the water out.  The sterilizer solution also helps remove the old bottle labels.  After draining the bucket, I place the bottles on a rack to air dry.

The final product being bottled.  The little glass on the counter top on the left is my sample mug.  I actually ended up with 14 1/2 bottles.  I couldn’t let that last 6 ounces go to waste, now could I?

I took my final measurements of the brew prior to the transfer.  Here’s how it stacks up:

Potential alcohol by volume:  4.55%

Specific Gravity T60 degrees (Original Gravity):  1.020 (measured at 75 degrees)

Actual Original Gravity after computing for temperature:  1.0217

Balling: 7.09%

Real Attenuation:  48.88%

Calories per 12oz serving:  196

I was surprised how warm the brew was in the secondary.  I had it in the basement, but it was still 75 degrees.  Much too warm.  Maybe I’ll have to invest in another refrigerator to keep my secondary fermentors in so I can better maintain a cooler temperature.  Shelley should love that idea.

For those of you coming over on Sunday, this will be ready for the BBQ.  See you all then!


One Response to “The Honey Ale is in the Keg”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Very cool that you bottled it. Such an interesting hobby. Almost makes me want to become a beer drinker just so I can partake.


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