Independence Day Get Together

We had quite a few friends and family over for Independence Day this evening.  Everyone is now gone home and Shelley and I are relaxing.  I wanted to get some pictures up of our little get together before heading off to bed.  I worked an overtime shift last night and got home around 6:00 am, so I’m a bit tired and ready to start my vacation next week.

We had some of Shelley’s co-workers come by as well as friends and family.  Travis smoked some chicken and brisket in his smoker for everyone and we had plenty of side dishes and desserts to go along with all of it.  Here’s a picture of the kitchen island with some of the food spread out with everyone waiting for the sun to go down.  The little ones played on the floor with each other while a tuckered out Hawk relaxed.  He was painting his house for most of the afternoon before coming over to relax.

Travis, Bruce, Hawk and I had an impromptu Cigar of the Month Club meeting down on the lower patio in the trees.  We all hung out waiting till the official fireworks started.  Bruce brought some of his own cigars and they were pretty decent.  No complaints even though they had not been in a humidor.

I tapped the 2010 Honey Ale this evening as well.  Bruce thought it was a bit too sweet for his taste and  Shelley thought it was a bit hoppy for her taste.  The aroma is wonderful and my new method of carbonating the brew seems to be working.  I think I need to back off a bit on the hops for next time to smooth it out a bit.  Sorry, Bruce, but the honey flavor seems about right to me.  It’s all good though, as Bruce enjoyed the Nut Brown Ale instead.  So at least he had a good brew to get him through the night.

Happy Birthday America!


2 Responses to “Independence Day Get Together”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    We had a great time as always. Orion stayed up to see his first fireworks and seemed to really enjoy them. The barbeque was outstanding AND I got to bring home the chocolate pie. Can life get better than that? Have fun in Seattle! Love you both.


  2. T Rex Mom Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful time. You guys always throw the best get-togethers. Thanks for having us.

    And have a great vacation, safe travels, and lots of fun. Food will be waiting when you get back!


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