Ripley’s Near Death Experience

Yes, Ripley used up one of her unknown number of lives today.

We took a walk around Green Lake yesterday and noticed all the dogs swimming and fetching in the lake.  So today we took Jake and Ripley down there this afternoon.  After numerous throws of the tennis ball into the water, Ripley managed to bite a whole in the seam of the tennis ball.  We decided to give it one more toss.  When the ball hit the water it sank immediately.

Ripley was already half way to it when it went down.  So like a runaway MK48 torpedo, she reacquired a new target.  A rather large yellow buoy floating about 50′ off shore.   After all, it looked like a giant tennis ball.  She made a bee line to it, ignoring our calls and grabbed a hold.  As she attempted to bring it back to shore she found out it was tethered to the lake bottom and the jerk pulled her under water.  She didn’t let go.  Instead she came back up still clutching the giant tennis ball.  Undeterred, she attempted a second time to bring it to shore, only to be pulled under water a second time by the tug on the anchor.

By this time, Shelley had her shoes off and Jake had just come back to shore with his actual tennis ball.  I took this tennis ball from Jake and threw it at Ripley.  She saw the splash near her and let go of the giant one that refused to come along and tried to grab the smaller one near by.  However, you could see that her back feet were now struggling with the anchor and it appeared she was going to go under water a third time.  Shelley was just a second or two from jumping in to go rescue her.  Luckily, she didn’t.  Ripley broke free, grabbed the more reasonably sized tennis ball and brought it shore.

Needless to say, she was a bit tuckered out.  Shelley put her shoes back on and a few people walking by who stopped to watch were now laughing at the sight of this dog trying to reel in a bouy.  One commented that she thought someone was going to have to jump in to save the dog from “this IQ test.”  Yes, Ripley isn’t the smartest dog when she becomes a little bull-headed and refuses to give up.  But you have to admire her determination.


2 Responses to “Ripley’s Near Death Experience”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    WOW! I bet it was a sight to see. And I bet the water was cold so glad Shelley didn’t have to go swimming. And very glad Ripley is alright.


  2. Suzanne Says:

    we love ya, Ripley. No more water based IQ tests!


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