Sulkfest at the Emergency Vet

Both dogs are fine, but we didn’t get to bed to close to 2:30 this morning.  Good thing we are on vacation!

Yes, that’s right.  After a horrible baseball game, after watching Cliff Lee leave for Texas, after handing the Texas Rangers the Western Division Championship (and $2 million dollars), we come home to two dogs (well, Ripley really) who had broken into their Deramaxx and eaten the whole bottle!  Not a good thing.  Especially since we had been gone from the house for about 6 hours.

After making some phone calls to our emergency vet back in Boise and more to a clinic here in Seattle, it was off to the 24-hour emergency doggie clinic.

Now, we are pretty sure that Jake had nothing to do with any of this, but we really couldn’t take that chance.  Since the complications to an overdose of Deramaxx could be kidney failure and/or GI ulcers.  We couldn’t risk that so Jake got the “full monty” at the vet right along side Ripley.  Guilt by association can be a terrible thing.

Initial treatment was to induce vomiting in both dogs and see if there were any pills still in their stomach.  No pills.  But the vet found the lid to the pill bottle in Ripley.  Nice, yeh?  The vet didn’t find any license plates.  I’m sure they (Ripley) got into the bottle shortly after we left for the game so they (Ripley) had plenty of time to digest the pills.  The vet then double checked with poison control to discuss the quantity taken and they determined that the amount taken was under the amount necessary to admit the dogs overnight.  Yes, can you imagine having the dogs admitted overnight for IV treatment and observations?  Shelley had a pretty good idea how many pills were still in the bottle and from that she and the vet were able to get a pretty good ballpark figure on how much was ingested.  The vet said they would only be concerned about kidney damage if the quantity was 30 mg/kilo of body mass or greater.  Based on Shelley’s estimate of what was left in the bottle, if one dog ate all the pills in the bottle then the quantity invested would be 18 mg/kilo of body mass.  18mg is high enough to cause GI issues, but not high enough to cause kidney or permanent GI damage.  That is if only one of the two dogs ingested all of the pills.  There is a chance that Ripley allowed Jake to eat one or two pills, but it’s unlikely she allowed him to eat too many.  After all, they were her treats and she doesn’t share very well with others.

The vet also did some blood work on both dogs to establish a base line for comparison later on if we begin to see complications over the next couple days.  We probably haven’t done any blood work on either dog since going to Canada five years ago so this was a good idea in case Shelley’s estimate was a bit off.  She estimated on the high side, so she’s confidant she’s close to the correct amount.

After a couple of hours at the clinic we left with the knowledge that both dogs were going to be fine and more bottles of medications to give them over the next week to reduce any GI issues they are going to have.  I should say, any GI issues Ripley is going to have.


4 Responses to “Sulkfest at the Emergency Vet”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Oh goodness! Ripley is really using up her lives, huh? Adrenaline junkie? We need to toddler-proof your bags! We had to do that on our recent trip up north. Worked like a charm. Send in T Rex and I bet he’ll be able to tell you where the weak links are!

    Please try to have an uneventful remainder to your vacation. And see you soon!

    Doggie prilosec for Ripley?


  2. rich Says:

    We were given the follow meds for the dogs: Sulcralfate; Misoprostil; and human Pepcid AC (we bought the generic version). This whole situation was totally our fault. We just totally underestimated Ripley getting into the bottles. She has never broke into any container to obtain food/treats before. Now, sandwiches left on plates, yes. A pork shoulder roast defrosting on the kitchen counter, mmmmmmm good. Food wrapped in Christmas presents, oh baby!. But never a hard-sided container. Lesson learned…….again.


  3. World Wide News Flash Says:

    Sulkfest at the Emergency Vet…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


  4. Suzanne Says:

    …a steak sat down for a mere 20 seconds after the steak’s owner turns her back…


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