Seattle Pub Crawl 2010

This morning is the kickoff to the annual Seattle Pub Crawl.  This is the weekend each year when myself and friends fly back to Seattle for baseball games and as many brewpubs as possible in two days.  We have just a few simple rules:

1.  Only one beer, or sampler tray, per pub.

2.  No pitchers of beer allowed

3.  No hookers.

That’s it.  Pretty simple.

This year myself, Troy and Robert will all be taking part in the Pub Crawl.  Here is our itinerary for the weekend.

Saturday we arrive at SeaTac and get picked up by Robert.  We drive straight out to Woodinville to the Red Hook Brewery.  From there we stop by McMenamins Queen Anne Brewery.  Then head over to West Seattle for a visit at the Elliot Bay Brewery before heading down to Safeco Field for the first of two baseball games between the Mariners and Red Sox.  We’ll either stop in at Elysian Fields or the Pyramid Ale House prior to the game, of course.  After the game we’ll head up to Hale’s Ales and try to get there before they close at 11:00 pm.  If they are closed before we get there, no worries.  We just go right down the street a bit to Maritime Pacific’s Jolly Roger Tap Room.  Then it’s home and to bed we go.

Sunday we head down early to the stadium for our afternoon ballgame.  That is, after a quick stop into either Elysian Fields or Pyramid again.  After the game, it’s back up to the Freemont neighborhood to either Hale’s Ales or Maritime Pacific (which ever we missed on Saturday night).  Then we’ll check out McMenamins Dad Watsons brewpub.  After that stop, it’s off to the Naked City Tap House before our final stop in Tangletown.


Depending on what time it is at this point will dictate whether we head up to Capitol Hill for a nightcap at Dilettante Chocolates for dessert.

Monday we sleep in.  We don’t fly back to Boise till later in the evening.  You’ll be able to keep up with us on Facebook as we make our rounds.  Wish us well!

Remember……….Choice is good.


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