A Soviet Weekend

It’s demo day (weekend) at our house as the remodel for the master suite is starting.  Shelley, Noah and I have been demolitioning the master suite since Saturday.  So far we have filled up the dumpster that our contractor has provided, plus every spare garbage can we have, plus piled up the carpet, wood and garbage in piles in the driveway because we’ve run out of space, plus we have a pile of tile left in the bathroom from the old shower pan that we have no room for!  Whew!!

We are using the same contractor that we used four years ago on our kitchen and great room, Gammill Construction.  They will be here on Wednesday to get started.

We aren’t doing any big construction in the master suite, unlike the kitchen.  Just putting down hardwood floors throughout (to match the hickory floors in the kitchen / greatroom), new cabinets, new tile and new closet.  So, mostly just adding new colors and textures.  It should be done in about six weeks.

Here is a before and after shot of the shower.  That’s Noah ripping down the tile walls.

Here’s the shower after Noah finished with the tile and I took down all the old sheet rock.  Then Noah took a sledge hammer to the shower pan.  We didn’t have any garbage cans left over so it’s just been left in a pile till after the dumpster gets emptied on Tuesday.

We are keeping the existing tub and leaving it in the same position, just putting a different cabinet design around it.  In time, you will see what it will look like.  In the mean time here’s the before and after demolition.

Here’s the driveway and the rest of the garbage we have for the dumpster.  We were able to save the old cabinets, the doors, the sinks and most of the fixtures.  A local second hand store in town is coming by on Wednesday to pick that stuff up.  Those items are not in the photo.

Not much will be happening for the next week or so that will be picture worthy.  They workers will be doing some electrical, plumbing, framing and drywalling.  After that I’ll get some more pictures up showing the new tub surround.  Shelley and I are also going out of town for 10 days or so while construction is continuing.  I’ll see where they are at when we get back and see if there’s anything to post about.  Once the tiling and painting get going, then it will start taking shape.


2 Responses to “A Soviet Weekend”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Hey – I know where you got that term from! Some definite progress.

    We miss you guys.


  2. The Half-Way Point « News From Summit Ridge Says:

    […] the demo, which I blogged about a few weeks back, they came in and put in two archways, skim-coated new drywall texture and then got the place […]


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