Update on The Great One

So, just wanted to keep everyone updated on our plans for Denali next June.

As you know, this is a long three-week expedition.  Well, long for us.  Clearly not a three-month trip to the Himalayas or a climb of Cho Oyu or anything, but three weeks is longer than anything we’ve tried.  So, getting time off work was the next big hurdle in the process.  This past Monday, Shelley had her vacation picks at work for the 2011 calendar year and she was able to get three straight weeks off for our trip.  That was big hurdle, actually.  Being a trip in the middle of summer there was some concern that she might not be able to get three straight weeks.  Then she would have to trade and deal to get the time off.  But, no worries.  As for me, I’ll have the time off from work saved up by then as well.

As you might have read in my last post, Shelley couldn’t find boots in her size while we were in Seattle.  She had them shipped here to Boise and they arrived this week.  She’s still playing around with them, as am I with mine, but we have both settled on our boots.  We are going to wear La Sportiva Spantiks.  I’m kind of surprised we both ended up with the same boot.  We don’t usually pick the same piece of equipment when it comes to technical clothing.  It’s good to have these so soon.  We want to wear these boots to Pico de Orizaba and Ixtaccihuatl in December.

Along those same lines, we both have to get new backpacks by December.  Mine arrived last week.  I’m going to be using the Gregory Denali Pro, size medium.  This is a 105 liter pack.  Shelley has a good idea which one she will be using, but hasn’t found a good price yet.  She likes the Arc’teryx Bora 95 and the Gregory Denali Pro, but in size small (95 liters).  She got to talk to a couple of female guides (Everest summitters) in Ashford and they all carry 95 liter to 85 liter packs.  Mainly because they have smaller body frames then men, is my guess.  My body frame will allow me to go up to 105 liters.  She’s also been on a couple message boards talking to climbers.  Shelley tried my pack on at REI and it was simply too big.  I currently have it filled with pillows, books and gear in the living room and it weighs 59-60 lbs.  She tried it on last night and it really is too big.  That’s crazy for her to carry a 50% of her body weight.  I’ll be wearing the pack during part of my workouts leading up to December.

That’s it for now.  Things are falling into place for Denali.


One Response to “Update on The Great One”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Hmmmm – three weeks of non-stop stress for all of us at 3000 ft.

    I know one thing – Shelley’s pants will be ready! I triple stitched them so no more duct tape.


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