The Half-Way Point

Thought I’d let everyone know where we are at on our Master Suite Remodel.  I think we’re just a little over the half-way point right now.  There wasn’t as much construction in this remodel as there was in the Kitchen / Great Room remodel from a few years ago.  We added a couple small features, but all of that took just a couple of days instead of weeks.  We didn’t move any walls either.  So, mainly it’s cosmetic stuff.

After the demo, which I blogged about a few weeks back, they came in and put in two archways, skim-coated new drywall texture and then got the place painted with a new color.  The painter was going to paint over the old Venetian Plaster we had in the bedroom, but then changed his mind.  He had never done Venetian Plaster before and asked if he could do it for us.  He offered to do it for the same price as his paint quote and we agreed.  It turned out pretty good too.  I’m glad we were able to keep that same color and texture on the bedroom walls.  Here are the two arch-ways.  The first (on the left) leading to the closet and the other leading into the shower.

We are adding some electronics to the bedroom since we have the walls torn up.  We originally had an armoire here (in front of those outlets in the middle of this photo) and obviously it blocked our view pretty substantially.  So, we had The Stereo Shoppe come in and run some cables to allow for a flat-panel TV to go in here so we can move the armoire away from the window.

Once all the construction and painting was done, the tile was started in the shower.  They had to build a new shower pan first.

Once the pan was in place and the curbing finished the tile started going on the wall.  We had a little alcove built in to the wall for our shampoo bottles, soap and stuff.  We put that under the shower head.  The 1″ tile you see in the alcove is going to the same tile that goes on the back splash for the sink cabinets.

We are using the same pebbles for the shower floor as we used in our shower in Seattle.  Also, here you can see we put the 1″ tiles on the inside of the arch-way leading into the shower and some 3″ x 6″ subway tiles outside the shower.

Here’s are two better views of the arch-way, subway tile and towelling off area outside the shower.

The subway tiles end right near the window and below the window because the window framing isn’t in yet.  Once the trim goes on the tile installer will come back and cut in the last few pieces to butt up to the trim.  The hardwood floors start to go in next and that should take about a week.  We’ll be staying over at Sue and Hawk’s house when they put the finish on the floor.  After that, the cabinets, the new closet and final trim out.  Hopefully they will have it all finished by the end of October.


3 Responses to “The Half-Way Point”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    It’s definitely coming along. The shower is going to be awesome!


  2. emily Says:

    I like the pebbles on the shower floor! I imagine they come in a sheet rather than individually installed? What are they called? We have a bathroom that is roughed in but needs all finish work, perhaps this winter…


  3. rich Says:

    They feel great on the feet when you’re taking a shower too. They actually come in 12″ x 12″ sheets. Once they are grouted you can’t see any seams or patterns. They are from Island Pebbles and the color is Maluka Tan. Follow that link to their website.


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