Pursuit Pictures

There has been plenty of media coverage of this, so I think I’m safe putting this up.  You can see some of the coverage at KTVB, the Idaho Statesman, and KIVI.

On Wednesday, October 20 we had a bank robbery in town that led to a pursuit out into Nampa.  The suspects eventually crashed after some spike strips were laid down.  My understanding is that they swerved to avoid the strips and lost control and crashed.  I wasn’t there and not involved, but that was the story I have been hearing which is also what is being reported in the media.  Anyway, at briefing that afternoon I was sent out to the crash scene to recover one of our patrol vehicles.  The officer who had been driving it rode back to the hospital with one of the suspects in the medic unit.  While at the scene I took some photos of the crash.

Evidently, the car went through a small, dirt parking lot just off the roadway and through a fence.  The problem was there was nothing on the other side of the fence except for a 20′ drop into the backyard of a house.  Man, it was lucky there was no one home.  There was a swing set, trampoline and kid’s toy in the backyard.  The swing set was destroyed but the trampoline and toy appeared to be untouched.  The car landed upside down and crashed into a shed.  I can only imagine the look on the faces of the occupants when they went through the fence and saw the cliff they were about to go over.  I have no idea what the speeds were at the time of crash, but I know speeds hit 80 mph during the chase and the media is reporting upwards of 100 mph.  My guess is those higher speeds were reached on I-84, not this arterial where the crash happened, but again, I wasn’t there and don’t know for certain.  The speed limit on the road they were on was 55 mph.  I’m taking the pictures from the road surface and you can see that I’m higher than the roof of the house.

The batteries in my nice camera were dead (I haven’t used it much and forgot to charge it up) so I had to use my iPhone.  Sorry about the quality.  But you get the idea.

This first one is looking from the roadway near the fence and down into the backyard.  The car, an RX8, is resting upside down in the shed.  You can see the swing set all twisted up in the backyard.  I should point out that I think it’s a swing set.  I didn’t go into the crime scene, but that’s what it looked like.  This picture was taken looking into the sun, so it’s not that great.

In this one you can see the two-tiered cliff the car went over.  In the foreground is the lower tier while farther to the left (where the fence is) is the upper tier where the roadway is at.  The trampoline and kid’s play toy are next to the twisted swing set.

Here’s another angle of the shed taken out of the sun light.


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