Almost There

Well, we were supposed to be done with the project today and getting to move in to our new master suite tomorrow, but that won’t be happening now.  Bummer.  It is very close, but not quite there.  Looks like we’ll have to wait till early next week.

Since my last post about the remodel project they have got the counter tops in, finished the tile work (except for the grout), most of the plumbing, the closet is installed and nearly all the molding and trim is finished.  It really has started to come together.  Today the tile installer is finishing the grout work around the curbing and the subway tiles on the wall.  Later, after lunch, the floor installer will come back and put the final Glitsa on the floor.  We can’t be here for that due to the fumes, so Shelley, the dogs and I are going to stay out at Fraser Vineyard tonight.  I’ve taken the night off from work as well.

So, on to the update.

This is our new master closet.  We removed the carpeting and replaced it with hardwood.  Hickory, to be exact.  This matches the hardwoods throughout the house now.  One of my favorite features of the closet is the high hanging rack you see in the first two photos.  It has a spring-loaded, pull down hanging rack for clothing items I don’t use much, but keeps them up high and out of the way instead of down low taking up more valuable space.  I’ll keep my suits and other items up there.  Shelley had the doors added to her closets space up high to keep the lesser used items dust free.  I have a call into the company to do that to my side.  I don’t know how I missed that idea.  Once again, I wasn’t listening to the genius of the house hold.

As you can also see in the above photos, most of the base molding is in.  I made and finished all the wood, but Gammill’s installers installed it.  They have all but one small section installed.  They will come back next week and finish framing out the windows.  You can see in the first picture above that the window isn’t framed out yet.  I’ve also included a photo of the laundry chute.  Yes, the laundry chute.  We like this feature in the closet and didn’t want to lose it when we removed the cabinets from the closet.  It had been inside the cabinet.  So the floor installer framed out the opening and installed a door over it.  They will come back and router in a recessed handle that will allow us to keep using it.  Pretty cool………for a laundry chute.

Here are some detail images of the base molding around the bedroom.

Here is the drying area outside the walk-in shower.  The subway tile on the walls and the curbing is what will be getting grouted this morning.  In fact, the tile guy just walked in a few moments ago.  The window frame is a temporary installation so the tile installer knew where to end his tiles.  That will be coming back down and replaced next week.

We lowered the tub a few inches so we could under-mount it.  Here, one of the three pieces of counter-top is being put into place.

Finally, on to the sink vanity.  The vanity itself is set higher than the standard.  It is kitchen counter-top height.  This keeps one from having to bend over so much to reach the sink to wash one’s hands.  I know, seems lame, but it is so much more comfortable.  The gap you see in the backsplash is for a center cabinet that will reach up between the light fixtures.  That cabinet arrived with the rest, but it was built incorrectly and had to be shipped back and rebuilt.  At no cost to us.  I haven’t been as impressed with this cabinet manufacturer as I was with JayMark, who built our kitchen cabinets.  The quality control seems a bit off.  What did arrive, built correctly, is fine.  But they have some issues with reading plans.

Across from the sinks is a built-in wall cabinet for storage.  This cabinet was also built incorrectly from the original plans.  It was 1/2″ too wide.  Not a problem, except the framers built the opening to fit it if it had been built properly.  That’s the kind of quality control I have an issue with concerning this cabinet maker.  So the framers had to pull down some of the wall to get the cabinet to squeeze into the opening and now a new frame has to be built around the cabinet to hide the damage to the wall.  If you look closely near the top of the cabinet, you can see the damage to the wall from having to make the opening wider.

So, that is it for now.  We should be moved in by next weekend and I can get some final photos up and include some before and after shots.


2 Responses to “Almost There”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    WOW! That looks awesome. I like that the windows in your master bath come all the way to bath level. Ours does not so we have to stand to see our view from the tub. But it also helps because our toddler splashed in the bath and we’d constantly be washing the windows. But it’s looking awesome. The wood floors look great and the tile selections are very sharp.


  2. Carol Says:

    I like it too! Agree with Jenn – bathtub view and “sharp”


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