I am grateful for my wife.  For saying yes and not having changed her mind.

I am grateful for my family.  They are there for me everyday.  In good times or bad times.

I am grateful for my friends.  They feed me, they take care of the house and pets when we are away and they are there when I’m stuck and need a favor.

I am grateful for people like Salvat Giunta, Leigh Ann Hester and Monica Lin Brown.  They represent some of the best this country has to offer, both past and present.  Without men and women like these, everything I have to be grateful for would not exist.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    This is beautiful! Definitely a lot to be thankful for – especially your wife.

    However, because you married her, we got you added into our lives. And for that, we are most grateful. Thank you for your friendship.


  2. carol Says:

    That was very thoughtful and beautiful. I’m proud to be thanked for being in your family 😀
    If I was as good with words as you are, I would try to write a sentiment too. However, I can just say I’m thankful for everyone in my life, family and friends, and how they have supported and helped me in my times (yes, multiples of “time”) of need!


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