Remodel, Revisited

Shelley and I went up to McCall this past weekend to get some skiing in and look at some properties.  We got a decent day of skiing in on Saturday and saw a bunch of properties we can’t offered on Sunday.

Friday, before we left, I was packing and happened to go into our spare bedroom downstairs.  This is the bedroom directly below the master suite and where Carol stayed when we were in Mexico back in December.  While looking for my suitcase, I heard a dripping noise.  When I began to investigate I realized the dripping was coming from directly below the tub upstairs in the master suite.  The carpet was pretty wet, but luckily it wasn’t dripping onto the bed.  I put a bucket under it and called our contractor, Tim Gammill.  It was about 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon.  I left Tim a message and he called me back in a few minutes.

Within an hour, Tim’s plumber was at the house inspecting things.  Realizing they would have to cut open the paneling on the side of the tub, the plumber called the carpenter who was at home starting his weekend.  The carpenter packed up his bags and was at our house within 30 minutes.  Tim arrived by 4:00 pm and they took off the panel and cut into the backing behind the panel to see the fixture.  Needless to say, the plumber was pretty scared that he screwed something up.  They found that one of the fittings that came with the new faucet set on the tub had a pinhole in it and it was spraying water onto the side of the tub.  It was than dripping down the tub, onto the sub-floor and draining through the sub-floor the plumbing was running through.  The water was dripping through the insulation between the floors and onto the drywall that makies up the ceiling of the guest bedroom downstairs.  We have no idea how long this had been going on before it finally saturated the drywall and started dripping onto the floor downstairs.  Based on the size of the wet spot when they pulled the downstairs carpet up, we all figured it has been a few weeks.  Shortly after coming home from Mexico, we put our sleeping bags in the guest room’s closet for storage.  So there’s a good chance that no one has gone into that room since around December 20, 2010.

The plumber cut the lines to the fixture and capped the lines so we could leave the water on for the house.  He didn’t want to take the fixture out until the manufacture rep could see it.  Clearly, they don’t think the fault lies with their installation.  I would have to agree since it comes off a brass fitting that came with the fixture.  I’m not sure when they rep is coming by to look at the fixture.

By 5:00 pm everything was done and fixed so the leak was stopped.  I really have to hand it to Tim and his guys.  You couldn’t really ask for a faster response to this problem and a solution that let us get out of town for our vacation weekend and still have water in the house.

This morning, the carpenters came back and tore down the ceiling in the guest bedroom, removed the soaked insulation, removed the soaked carpet pad and rolled back the carpet.  They installed some fans downstairs to get things dried out.  They will replace the pad, re-install the carpet and ceiling at a later date.  Not sure when yet.  Maybe a week or so.

This could have been so much worse.  If we had not left town, there’s a good chance we would not have gone into that bedroom for another month.  Wow.  Talk about flooding then.  Or a collapsed ceiling.

Here are some pictures of how things stand now.

First the access panel that was cut into the tub’s side.

The downstairs guest room with plastic covering the windows and half the room.  The carpet was partially laid back over the concrete floor with spacers under it so the air could flow into, under and over all the areas to help dry things out.  It really wasn’t soaked like a wet sponge.  More like a damp sponge.

Now looking up that hole cut in the ceiling under the tub.  You can see how the pipes run through the sub-floor.  The water just flowed through that opening and onto the insulation and drywall below.

As I write this the plumber just showed up to replace the fixture.  The manufacturer’s rep just wants the piece intact so he can see the hole.  So it looks like the tub will be up and running in a couple of hours.  Course, in seven years we’ve taken less then 10 baths in that thing and Shelley has counted for all 10 of those.  So, it’s not like our life is on hold if it takes a while to get fixed up.  More updates as things move along with this revisit to our remodel.


One Response to “Remodel, Revisited”

  1. suzanne Says:

    What is it with our family and ceiling water leaks lately? I’m going to check all our ceilings now, too. And what a great response from your remodeling crew. If we ever need a carpenter, I’d like to use yours.


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