Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Base camp is still closed this morning. Snowing hard and low visibility.

Things don’t look good for getting in today. Which is bad because we are losing any shot at the summit and ending the trip on time. That is really bad for Shelley since she needs to be back at work on July 5. Our guide, Vern, has to be in Russia to guide on Elbrus on July 9. So that pretty much establishes our ending date to be around July 6 or 7.

Most of the rest of the group is in the same boat as me in that they can extend their trip beyond July 5 if the have to. So I’m concerned about Shelley. After all I want to climb this with her and be on top with her. It is really frustrating to have trained so hard and get ready and not even be able to start the trip.

Team 11 arrived in town last night and they are supposed to fly out today. Basically, they are in the same spot we were in on Sunday. They won’t get out today either. There are quite a few teams in line ahead if them now. The other bad thing is we have lost our transportation and hotel room. Luckily the hostel is a 5 minute walk from the airport and town is about 10 minutes.

We stayed in the hostel last night. We both slept pretty good. There’s another climbing team staying there. They are flying with a different company, K2. We are currently sitting in the Roadhouse Cafe waiting for breakfast. Then we’ll walk back to the airport and wait some more.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a window and get in. Being teased like we have been the last couple days really sucks and is wearing on moral. But what can you do? Nothing.

If I hear any news I’ll let you know and hopefully it won’t be another tease.


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