Bearded Brothers

Before I left for Denali it was discussed how I wasn’t going to be shaving for three weeks.  No reason to carry the extra weight of a razor along, let alone try to keep it charged.  So I discussed with Travis that he shouldn’t shave either while I was gone.  Many years ago Travis had a beard, but he has no photographs of his beard.  So, as a sign of solidarity (as well as an opportunity to grow a beard) he agreed not to shave until I got back.  Courtney wasn’t too thrilled, but she was a good sport and played along.  After all, this was a short-term event that would end when I came home.  So the last date I shaved was June 9, the last day I worked before leaving.

Now, it should be noted that Shelley was unable to shave for the three weeks we were gone as well.  There was discussion that the women wouldn’t shave either for the three weeks Shelley was gone.  Also as a sign of solidarity.  That discussion lasted about 2 minutes.  There was no solidarity among the women with Shelley.

Shelley was a good sport about this as well.  With our delays in Talkeetna I could have shaved while we waited, but she went along with the “no shaving” experiment.  I could have shaved after getting off the mountain on July 2, but she was good with me waiting till I got home so I could compare beards with Travis.  See, Shelley isn’t a big fan of facial hair.  The following photo was taken at our welcome home party at our house on July 4.  Hawk is on the left, Travis is in the middle.  Course, Hawk has a beard so he didn’t need to grow it out.  That’s why he looks so good and Travis and I look like winos.

As I type this, the beard is gone.  I had it shaved off at the barber shop this afternoon (July 5).  At least we have this photograph to keep the memory alive.


One Response to “Bearded Brothers”

  1. trexmom Says:

    The beard was impressive – I’d like to have seen it for another week but I’m sure Shell would not have liked that.


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