2011 Nut Brown Ale

Shortly after getting back from our climb, it was time to begin replenishing my beer tap.  The decision was made to return to my Nut Brown Ale recipe from 2010.  I did make a few changes for this year’s batch.  I added some extra brown sugar, I changed up the grains a bit to make it a bit darker and used a different yeast than my last version.  Based on my research into a classic Nut Brown Ale, they shouldn’t be too strong on the alcohol and the yeast should be on the dry side.  So I tried to achieve both of those with this new recipe.

Hawk also decided to join me in brewing as he hasn’t brewed for some time.  Hawk was brewing a cherry stout recipe.  Also joining me on this Sunday morning was Travis.  Ripley hung around as well.

First and introduction to Hawk’s brew by Hawk himself.

Although Travis wasn’t brewing his own, he helped out with the boil and mashing the cherries.  The extra pair of hands was a great asset.

Here’s an introduction to my Nut Brown.

The beers went into the fermentor without any issues and about a week later I transferred the Nut Brown into the secondary.  It should be ready in about a month.  Which is a good thing as my Irish Red blew the other week and I’m down to just one beer, the Honey Ale, on tap now.  My concern is the Honey will blow before the Nut Brown is ready.  Horrors!


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