I Get Paid To Do This

Yesterday was my quarterly training day at work.  This quarter’s training was a familiarization day on our new patrol cars that will be hitting the fleet this summer.  The Dodge Charger.  The first half of the day was spent in the classroom, but the second half was out on the track putting the car through our EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course).  I had a buddy of mine sit in the passenger seat and film me running the course.  One feature of the new car are the hands-free stereo buttons on the steering wheel.  The car has buttons on the back side of the steering wheel so you can adjust volume, channel, etc without taking your hands off the steering wheel.  However, in EVOC I kept hitting these buttons and changing the radio channel by accident, as you’ll hear in the video.  We both got a laugh out of it and I was able to tune the radio back over to the right channel while still going through the serpentine portion of the course.  And to answer an obvious question:  No, I didn’t hit any cones on this run.  Not to say I didn’t hit my share of cones during the afternoon, just not on this particular run.

The second part of the afternoon was working on PIT.  In this video I’m driving the patrol car and another buddy is filming me from inside the car being PIT’d.  The patrol cars are all equipped with bigger, solid steel bumpers to limit the damage to the cars since they are used solely for practicing PIT.

editor:  For some reason the second video is still be “processed” by WordPress.  It was playing earlier when I reviewed the post prior to posting.  So, if you don’t see it, come back later and maybe it’ll be ready by then.


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