The Opposite of Denali

Recently our vacations have all been going to the top of something.  This trip, we are going lower than sea level.

This is Shelley’s third trip to Hawaii, but my first.  And we aren’t going to climb anything.  Instead we are going snorkeling and going to do a lot of walking along the beach.

Flying into Maui.

We rented a Ford Mustang Convertible for the trip.  Shelley got a screaming deal on it via Priceline at $37.00 a day.  Once we got to the hotel room we changed and checked out the view from the deck.  Then it was down to the beach.

We hung out on the beach and watched the sun set behind Lanai.

This morning was an early wake up, 6:15 am, to get down to the boat dock by 7:15 am.  We went on a snorkeling trip out to Molokini Island Preserve.  This was also my first time ever on a sail boat.  This is the boat we took out to Molokini.

The crew tried to use the motor as little as possible.  But on occasion they had to turn it on to get us out there on time.  Along the way there and back there were a lot of humpback whales all around us.  We only saw one really breach out of the water.  Most of the time they were just swimming by the boat.

This photo was taken shortly after leaving the harbor.  They had to turn the boat into the wind to raise the sails.

Once at Molokini, we jumped in and took our camera with us to get some good shots of the coral reef around the island as well as the fish.

After spending some time in the water, they served us lunch on the boat and then it was time to head back to shore.

It was hard to get any pictures of the whales.  You really didn’t see them coming until they were on the surface.  So my best bet was to catch one coming to the surface after another already did.  Thus I didn’t get the one breaching straight up.  Instead I just got them cruising around the surface like this one.

Tonight, we are just hanging out and watching the NFC Championship game before going out to dinner at a yet to be determined location.  But I bet we’ll check in via Facebook when we get there.  I’ll post more in a couple of days.


2 Responses to “The Opposite of Denali”

  1. Todd Says:

    Nice! Maui is my wife and my favorite island. So you didn’t drive to the top of haleakala huh?


  2. rich Says:

    No, we are going to stay around sea level for this trip. Lots of beach time, snorkeling, a luau and seafood on this trip. Besides, I can’t really ‘drive’ to the top. I’d be more tempted to hike to the top……


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