Snorkeling and a Luau

That’s pretty much what we’ve been up to the last couple days.  We’ve been eating pretty well and spending a lot of time on the beach and snorkeling.  Here are some pictures and stories from the last couple days.

On Monday we drove up to Kapalua and hung out on the beach.

We spent a little over an hour snorkeling around the reef.

Our camera doesn’t really catch the different colors that well.  It’s not a dedicated underwater camera, so it gives up a little to do a lot of different things.

We ate dinner at a little hole-in-the-wall fish place that was recommended by a friend.  It was good for a little place.  They are a fish market that happens to have a small restaurant on the side.  So it’s not fancy.  But it was pretty good.

Wednesday it was back to the beach.  This time it was Kaanapali.  This beach was a bit harder to get to as parking was difficult and limited to 3 hours.  The parking rates around here are $3.00 for 30 minutes.  You can park for free for 3 hours if you buy something at one of the shops where the parking lot is at and get validated.  The purchase does include drinks at a restaurant.  That’s where we went after the beach.

Then we got to see a sea turtle swim by.  We had seen it earlier in the day, but it was swimming deep under a reef and we couldn’t get down to it.  So we were happy with that 5 second sighting.  Until it came back out and swam past us and I was able to capture it on video till it went back into the reef along the cliffs of the black rock.  You can hear whale song in the background to the video too.  Shelley could hear them while swimming, but I think I’ve lost my high frequency hearing because I couldn’t hear any whale song.  I also included some videos of some fish and the reef along the cliffs of the black rock.

Dinner this night was at Sansei Seafood Rstaurant in Kapalua.  You could say we’ve been on a seafood binge as that’s all we’ve been having since arriving.  And we are very happy with that decision.  Shelley loaded up on some sushi while I had the Mahi-mahi.

Thursday was a tourist day for us.  We spent the afternoon in Lahaina.  It was a nice area, but with a very heavy tourist trade.  Lahaina was the capital of Kingdom of Hawaii at one point.  One of the focal points of the city is a Banyan tree that was planted in 1873.

We walked along the beach front as well as checked out various galleries along the streets.

Another place we visited was the Old Lahaina Courthouse right on the waterfront.  Upstairs was a small whaling museum and a great place to photograph the water front.

At 5:30 it was time for dinner which was at the Feast of Lele.  Lele is the ancient name for Lahaina.  Shelley made the reservations way back in October and they seat you based on when you make your reservations.  We must have been one of the first to make reservations because we were in the front row, dead center on the stage.

The luau was a 5-course meal covering four different regions of the Pacific.  The first course was from Hawaii, then New Zealand, Tahiti and finally Samoa.  The last course was dessert.  Each course was accompanied by a traditional dance associated with the region where the food was from.  And everything was set on a stage in front of us with the ocean as the background.  It was quite remarkable.  This first photo is the Hawaiian part of the show.

Next came the New Zealand food and dancers.  They performed a version of the Haka.

This is the Tahiti dance.

For the finale, they had a fire dancer come out and close out the show.

That brings you up to date on our trip.  Today, once Shelley gets out of her conference, we are headed up Maui’s north shore.  We’ll travel up to the Olivine Pools, then work our way back to dinner some place yet to be decided.

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One Response to “Snorkeling and a Luau”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Looks like just a spectacular trip. So – which do you prefer – sea level beaches or climbing and mountain peaks?

    And I do hope we can catch up with you guys soon to hear the details in person.


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