Beer Dinner and Cigar Club

Last Saturday night was our first Cigar Club meeting of 2012.  We’ve been putting it off because it has been a bit cold outside.  Hawk came up with an idea to set up our own beer dinner to coincide with our Cigar Club meeting.  Four of our families got together and we each prepared a meal course and paired it with a beer.  The hosting family, my sister Sylvia and her husband Bruce, prepared the main entrée and Bruce supplied the cigar for the evening.  It turned out to be a great dinner and get together with way too much food.  By the end of the evening, we were all stuffed.  The beer selections were served in 6 oz tastings during each course.

Here’s a run down of our menu for the evening.

Travis and Courtney brought the appetizer.  Travis barbecued some spare ribs and rolled them into egg rolls and served them with Elysian Brewery’s Dragonstooth Stout.

Shelley and I brought a salad.  I made an apricot salad which I paired with Pyramid Brewery’s Apricot Ale.

Here is Sylvia’s chicken curry main entrée that they paired with Alaska Brewery’s IPA.  This really went well together.  The spiciness of the curry went really well with the IPA.  If you would like the recipe to this, Sylvia has it posted on her website.  She also did her own recap of the evening over there as well.

Sue and Hawk brought dessert.  Hawk’s desserts are always fabulous and this one was no exception.  He made a banana cream pie and served it with Schneider Weisse Aventinus Wheat-Doppelbock Ale.  This was also a really good pairing.  With chocolate, vanilla, banana, brown sugar (among others) in the aroma and taste, this beer paired very well with the banana cream pie.

In fact, it paired so well that Orion wanted to try it out as well.  No, he didn’t get any.  Maybe next year.

We finished off the evening with a cigar that Bruce brought back from Florida.  He and Sylvia were down there just the other week on vacation.  The cigar was a local one, made for a restaurant they ate at while on vacation.  According to Bruce, The Columbia Restaurant has their own line of cigars.  I did some research for this post and found that the cigars are made in Tampa and the restaurant puts their own label on them.  The cigars are called their Don Casimiro Collection.  They are a blend of Dominican, Columbia & Nicaragua long-filler surrounded by Ecuador binder with a Ecuador Shade or Ecuador Dark wrapper.   We smoked the Ecuador Shade.  They were very good cigars and I would recommend them if you run across them in Florida.  They were very mild.  They burned evenly and had a good smoke to them.  All of us really enjoyed the cigar.

The evening was a big hit.  We’re not sure we’ll have the time in May for another dinner / Cigar Club but June is looking good.  Can’t wait to see what we come up with for our next dinner.


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