Kestrel Update

Thanks to Travis, we have a very nice Kestrel box on our property.  It was a Christmas present and we could only hope we would get a successful nesting this spring.  We were lucky.  We not only got a nice pair but 4 hatchlings to watch as well.   We actually are trying the Kestrel box to reduce our vole problem in our yard but it has turned out to be quite entertaining as well.

We had an opportunity to have a look inside the box with a bird handler (no birds were harmed by doing this).

and actually get to hold one

Today they are starting to get braver and poke their heads out of the box… it might be time to get outside for a bit…

We are hoping to see them out and about soon.  More pics to follow it that occurs.  Thanks again to Travis and Courtney for such a cool gift.


One Response to “Kestrel Update”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Wow! Very, very cool. I did not realize they had such talons are an early age.


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