Closer to Elbrus

This is Shelley, relaying some information for Rich.

Rich has arrived Azau after a long travel day.  Long and interesting.   They started in St. Petersburg after a good day of touring.

After a very short night of rest (they got up at 3am), they flew to Moscow, then flew to Mineralnye Vody and drove several hours to Azau.  Apparently Rich was trying to catch up on some sleep in the bus only to be awoken by multiple gasps from his team mates.  I think he would have rather remained asleep and the bus drove threw herds of cows on the highway at 40 mph plus speeds without slowing down at all.  It was a small two lane highway that (as is done in Mexico) was used as a three lane highway, with 3 cars flying past on another at various speeds on a 2 lane road.  He is going to try and get footage from the gopro on the way back…

They went on an acclimatization hike today.  “The hike was good.  It was good to get moving finally. We left at 0900 and got back at 1645.  We left on foot to Cheget (about 4 km down hill from here) then took a ski lift up a few hundred feet before climbing to 11,300.  The top of the ski lift was 8,900.  From our top we could see base camp and most of the trail to the summit.  It was a good hike with good elevation. I feel good too. ”

The river that runs near Azau we hiked along on our way down to Cheget.

“We walked back down to the top of the chairlift and then spent about 30 min shopping in the tourist area in Cheget.  Cheget is known for their wool products as this area has a lot of sheep.  Check out the hat I found, Yes?  No?  Should I get three for Travis, Hawk and I?”

“We took a shuttle back from Cheget.  I did a little walk about Azau after getting back. Not much here. A bunch of hotels and a couple cafes.  It took about 15 minutes. Dinner is at 1900 then we hike up to the observatory tomorrow.”

Sounds like the food has either been quite good or very bad.  Just my take on his descriptions.  One meal they pretty much just stared at.  I’ll let Rich describe all that later.

Thanks for following along.


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