Reaching the Summit of Mount Elbrus

As an introduction to the update, Rich has been out of touch since Saturday when they went up to base camp on the mountain.  He was able to send pictures and email as of yesterday after he arrived back in the village.
The first photo is a picture of Mount Elbrus from basecamp.

They stayed in “huts”.  Rich commented, “this is our “hut”. They were actually metal storage containers that had been finished on the inside.  There were four of these blue ones. They each sleep eight in two rooms. Each room separated by a small entry. We had limited power but no wifi or cellular service.”

“These huts were just set up on the rocks and balanced, well, look for yourself how they were supported. lol”

“Inside our hut showing the bunks we had. Although there’s a blanket we had to use our sleeping bags. ”

“This is a photo of me and my three bunk mates in our hut. L-R: Terry, me, Brett and Roberto. ”

“Inside the kitchen during one of our meals.”

“This was the kitchen “hut”. The tent is where Vern and Carol lived as there wasn’t enough beds in the huts. There were other teams staying in the huts as well as ourselves.”  My two cents, I think hearing about the conditions from Rich that Vern and Carol were quite smart to stay in tents… just saying.

And now for the summit!

“The summit was great!  It was a 12 hour round trip. 8 up, 4 down.  We had 15 mph winds on top. That wasn’t bad. We got to spend about 25 minutes on top. I took a bunch of photos and video. In fact, I ran the gopro from about 10 minutes before the top till just after walking off. So it’s about 35 minutes long.  I figured it was easier to do that instead of trying to figure where I should start and stop it.  There’s bound to be some good shots on it somewhere.  Probably some nonsense too, but that will be okay.  I just hope the angle of the camera was good.

The exposure on the climb was pretty minimal. There was one area that was pretty narrow but ran along a slope (similar to the Autobahn) not a knife edge.  But that was it.  Other than that it was just a long hike.  The pack was light too.

We had a great blue bird day for the climb.  Hardly a cloud in the sky.

The day before we had a pretty big storm come through. High winds that blasted our huts and dumped some snow.  Lots of thunder and lightening right over us shaking the hut.  The snow was good as things had really started to melt out. It was starting to get warm so the cold temps were good too.”

Link to cybercast of Vern about the summit.  Alpine Ascents.

“The streamer I’m holding is a replica of the streamer that flies on our department flag in recognition of the in of line duty death of Boise City Police Officer Mark Stall. He was killed in a gun fight in downtown Boise on the date indicated on the streamer.
Since I couldn’t use the actual steamer, I had one made. Beginning on Denali I’ve been carrying it to the summit in recognition of his service and in memory of his death.
There is an organization called “Cops on Top” that I learned about a few years ago. (Cops on Top). Check out their web site to learn more about them.  I joined their organization a few years ago and try to do my part to promote their mission.”

 Summit of Mount Elbrus

This is Vern Tejas’s description of their decent on Alpine Ascents cybercast.

Hello there friends, family, and loved ones! This is Team 4X in the heartland of Russia, calling from the base of Mount Elbrus. Today we descended down in a series of shuttles, got all of our equipment back to the hotel and took showers and then short sleep this afternoon. People are feeling very good being clean and being in a new change of clothes.

We really lucked out with the weather, today after we got here, it deluged and we saw lenticulars over the top of the mountain when we left, so good we got out, just in the knick of time. We had an excellent day with 100% of our people getting to the top and now it’s big winds and probably snowing on the mountain, raining down here at the base, in torrential downpour. So tomorrow we’re going to have an easy day of it, we’ll probably go for a hike.

“Eating our first real meal that includes meat since we left St Petersburg.  This was taken in a small restaurant in Azau later in the afternoon after coming off the mountain.”


5 Responses to “Reaching the Summit of Mount Elbrus”

  1. Todd Says:



  2. thelandy Says:

    Great work, congratulations…Baz, The Landy


  3. rich Says:

    Thanks, Todd and Baz, The Landy! It was a great climb and a lot of fun.


  4. carol Says:

    Sounds like it was a LOT less gruelling than Denali — and I’m glad. A great adventure none the less. I hope it wasn’t TOO easy, tho! Too bad Shelley couldn’t have been there. I think she’s been just lolling around in the sun, sleeping in every day, watching Olympics… pouting about missing out… ;-). LOL


  5. Jolene Says:

    Hi Rich: Congratulations on another good climb. I envy and admire you for your dedication to the sport, your stamina, and your sense of adventure. Cheers!


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