Another Remodeling Project

We have started on our next remodeling project, and probably our last for some time.  This is the last room in the house that isn’t finished.  Once this is done, we have nothing left to remodel and we can call all our remodeling ideas accomplished.  We can’t say everyone is finished, as I have some wood work to do on some trim in the loft.

This project is our wine cellar.  This room used to be our storage room but we’ve always had eyes on it to be a wine cellar and tasting room.  With the addition of our shed in the back yard we are now able to move a lot of our “stuff” out to the shed giving us space to complete this wine cellar.

The project is being done, once again, by Tim Gammill, who did our kitchen, great-room and master.  We highly recommend him, or at least talk to him and get a bid.  They are very good.

They started on Monday with minor demo, as the room has never had any work done and it was all open studs.  Then they got the framing and most of the electrical done this week.  Next week is drywall and painting.

Also on the list for this project is, what we used to call, the dog room.  We used this room for our dogs when they were younger and, well, couldn’t control themselves.  We are going to have them finish this room and make it a true spare bedroom.

Here are some progress photos of the the wine cellar and tasting room.

In these first two photos you can see how they framed in the duct work in the ceiling.  This photo is taken from in the tasting room looking back into the wine cellar.  A wall was built to separate the tasting room from the cellar.  It won’t be a huge cellar, by most standards.

wine cellar wall

wine cellar wall framed

In the cellar we are having them put a barreled ceiling in and the plan is to have it covered in thin brick.  The wall you see in the photos above will also be covered in thin brick when it is finished.  We are having Jaymark Cabinets are building all the cabinets and wine racks for the project and Mark Schwanz is quite the expert on wine cellars.  He is helping with the design to insure there are no additions to the cellar that can lead to damaging the wine.  So all the lights in the cellar, for example, will all be LED puck lights (as you see in the photo below) to minimize heat in the cellar.  Mark even gave us a tour of his own wine cellar at his house to show us the ideas he incorporated into his cellar and why.

barrel ceiling

On the other side of the room will be a media wall.  This wall will hold a cabinet for all our electronics for the house and be our network hub, so to speak.  The home theater room is on the other side of that finished, arched door you see on the right.  Most of these electronics run that system.  We also have electronics running upstairs too as well as a network switch that gives access the whole house.  All of this will be in a cabinet in the wall.  The Stereo Shoppe is doing all the electronics in the house.  You can see the opening framed on the right hand side.  The taller opening on the left will be a desk area for space to set a lap top, for instance.  Again, this area will have a network port to connect to the everything.

This space we are remodeling used to be one large room and we are separating it into three smaller spaces.  The wine cellar, this tasting room and a storage room.  That storage room is on the left side of this photo below.  You can see the new wall that was built to separate the tasting room from the storage room in this photo.

media wall framed

Access to the electronics will be gained from behind the cabinet, from under the stairs.  From the tasting room we’ll be able to get to the front of the electronics, but for maintenance and installation, access will be from behind.  This area in the photo is looking under the stairs and from inside the storage room.  The far wall, where you see a opening cut and a screen on the wall, is the back of our bar in the theater room.  The bar drains come out here and into the bowl.  The screen is to vent heat from the kegerator in the bar.  I know, kind ghetto, but there were no water lines over in this area when the bar was built.  It’s worked fine for many years.

media wall, back

This photo is looking from the theater room to the finished, arched door in the other pictures above.  You can see we put thin brick on the wall in the theater room.  In order to continue that illusion into the tasting room, the tasting room side of the door will also be bricked.  The rack of electronics is visible here to on the right.  Our network is still somewhat functional, but the stereo system is down until the project is finished.  So no Super Bowl Party over at our house this year.

Finally, the dog room.  The biggest bummer about remodeling this room into a bedroom is we are going to lose all the art work that Shelley painted on the walls 9 years ago.  Not much has been done in this room at the moment, but I took photos of all the art work to remember it.  Shelley worked hard and spent a lot of time on it.

dog room window

dog room van gogh

dog room snoopy

I’ll post some more updates once things get moved along with the project.


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