I’ve been waiting a while to post these responses to give all my representatives time to respond.  It appears that I am not going to get any more than what I have so I’m putting up this post now.

As a reminder, I wrote letters to all three members of my Congressional delegation, all three members of my Idaho State Legislature and the Governor of Idaho.  Here is that original post.  I have received responses back from all my Congressional representatives and only one state legislature, Rep Mark Erpleding.  If I get responses back from any others I will update this post.  But since they have had a month now to respond and have not, I don’t expect any.   I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.  But I’m sure they are either busy, don’t agree with me (thus ignore me) or…………whatever reason one can come up with.  Not sure how a local representative can be busier than a Congressional representative, but what do I know?

The letter I was most impressed with was from one of my local representatives, Rep Mark Erpleding.  He sent me a copy of a blog post he wrote on the topic as his response to my letter, but he attached a hand written post it note along with it.  Here is a link to his blog post.  To me, that shows a little more than a passing interest in his response.  And even though he may not completely agree with me, as his letter states, he took to the time to respond and explain his position.  I respect that.  I appreciated that response.

I’m always cautious when I read letters or emails from people and they quote this stat or that stat, or this percentage of people do this or that and the writer doesn’t source those findings.  Rep Mark Erpleding has some stats in his letter without linking the source of those numbers.  The reason I like sources is it gives credibility to the numbers and also allows the reader to proof them to see if they were arrived at in a reasonable manner.  Granted reasonableness is in the eye of the beholder, but at least the reader can research it themselves.

I scanned all the letters into a .pdf for myself, but I don’t see a way to attach .pdf to this post so these are all photos of the letters.

erpleding letter 1

erpelding letter 2

erpelding letter 3

sen crapo letter

rep simpson letter

sen risch letter


2 Responses to “Letters”

  1. Sue Says:

    That was a thoughtful letter from Mat. I like his ideas regarding the safes in that those could help reduce accidents. The mental health issues are so complex. It would involve identification, swift treatment, and means for enforcement among other issues. The rest are predictable and don’t seem to offer any new solutions.


  2. rich Says:

    As you know, I don’t believe there is a solution. There are ideas, like that offered by Mat, that can help reduce accidents, for instance. I too offered ideas in my letter to them. Diane Feinstein offered an idea as well. But I wasn’t expecting any new grand ideas, or a solution, from anybody. Especially in a one or two page letter to a constituent.


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