Wine Tasting and Cellar Update

Here is the link to part 1 of this remodeling project.

Our last project in the house is starting to come together.  The walls are up, dry-walled and painted.  The floors and ceiling started to go in last week.  There have been a couple of set backs however.  We had two days of winter storms which made the roads very difficult.  The walls had just been framed but not insulated or dry-walled.  No one wanted to risk carrying the sheets of dry wall around our house into the basement during the storm so the project got pushed back a couple of days.  I was shoveling the driveway on day two of the storm when the insulation guys showed up.  They couldn’t even get their truck to the house and had to park at the end of the block and carry the bats of insulation to the house.  One guy slipped in the driveway but was unhurt.  So no drywall for a couple of days.  Needless to say, that set everything else back a few days as well.

The second set back has to do with the doors.  The door manufacturer built the wrong doors.  We don’t have raised panels in our doors and that’s what they built.  They were even sent pictures of the doors and still screwed it up.  Oh well.

But progress is being made.  The slate floor is in and they sealed it Friday afternoon.  Stunk up the house all weekend.  They hung the doors and started installing the molding too.  Once the new doors come in they will just change out the doors themselves.  They wanted to get the jams hung so they could get the molding in place.

The brick ceiling was a challenge for the crew as well.  They had never done that before.  It took one full day just to put all the brick up.

Here are some pictures.  This first one is the slate being installed.

slate being installed

Here is the slate complete except for the grout.  This was taken after it was sealed.  The wine cellar door is also hung.  The walls of the tasting room are brown, Venetian plaster.  That white wall the wine cellar door is on will be brick, just like the ceiling in the cellar.  The outline on the left is where the cabinets will be set once they are completed.


It was tough getting a picture of the ceiling in the wine cellar.  I had to take this kneeling down and looking up into the wine cellar, so you’ll have to forgive the odd angle of the photos.  But you can get an idea of what it is looking like with the barrel ceiling arched with brick.  This is the brick work that took them all day to get finished.



Lastly, here is the spare bedroom.  The closet doors are hung (these are four of five doors that need to be changed) and the molding is going in.  When I did the molding in the rest of the house I finished the molding before installation.  The pros seem to do it the other way.  I would think it would be easier to finish the door and jams before you hang them.  It is interesting to see how the pros do things.  We are putting a type of drop ceiling in this bedroom.  You can see all the duct work that is above this room.  There is an access door to bottom of the furnace as well as various motors that operate different gates in the duct work to send heat to the different zones.  Our concern was if we dry wall the ceiling and those motors go out we’ll have to cut out the ceiling to access those motors.  So Gammill and Shelley found a drop ceiling that doesn’t have an industrial look to it.  It will hang above that cove (painted white) you see in the photo to still allow access to the ducts.



More to come as things work their way to completion.


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