Remodel Update – Workout Room

The wine cellar and tasting room continue to creep closer to completion.  There have been some minor set backs that have led to scheduling issues and delays in the rooms’ completion.  They should be done by the end of next week.  As I type this, the tile installer is down stairs grouting parts of the project.  Since the project is so close to completion I don’t want to show any pictures of it just yet.  The only thing left is the ceiling in the bedroom, some plumbing and a couple of light fixtures.  Overall it is very close and, at this point, showing pictures will give it away without it actually being complete.  So you’ll just have to come over and see it or wait just another week.

In the mean time, this remodel has given us another finished bedroom.  Which has allowed us to expand our workout space.  We moved a couple of tables, a futon and some smaller things out of our workout room and into the new, almost finished bedroom.  This allowed us to do some re-arranging in the workout room giving us some more space.  That’s what this post is about.  I don’t have any before photos, sorry.  Just pretend it was much more crowded than it is now.

This is what you see when you walk in.


We added a new flat screen television by the windows, a new padded area in the middle of the floor and we bought a new weight plate rack (foreground on the left).  The futon used to be along that wall on the right of the photo.  With the new space, we rearranged the equipment to give us more floor space in the middle of the floor.  As we walk around the room clockwise, this picture is taken from under the television looking back at the entrance.


We also added those large mirrors to the room.  It was hard to do different exercises in which you need to watch yourself to be sure you are in the correct position.  We had a picture hanging on the wall before and we had to use our reflection in that glass.  This is much, much better.  You can also see our new dumbbell rack in front of the mirror.  Yes, that is a backpack on the floor next to the rack.  Shelley has been using that on the elliptical.  Running on the elliptical with a 30 lb pack for an hour………just another day in the life of a hobbiest mountaineer.

Our most recent workout “machine” is the Total Trainer DLX-III you see here in front of the elliptical.  Shelley picked that up after she hurt her knee last year.  It’s helped me work my legs as well by offering better support while working your legs.  You can add weights to the “sled” you lie on and adjust the incline to suit your needs.  It takes up a lot of space but leg strength is a pretty big deal in the mountains.  So this has become a pretty important piece of our workout.


One last photo of our new space.



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