Wine Cellar Remodel is Finished

This was actually finished a few weeks ago but I’m just now getting around to posting the final update on this project.

Many thanks go out to Gammill Construction and all of Tim’s crew for doing such a great job on this project.  Their work is always outstanding and the finish work on this project was no different.  Mark Schwanz, from JayMark Custom Cabinets also did a great job.  Mark gave us great advice and pointers on the design of the cellar.  He even invited us over to his own house to see his cellar and discuss with us features we should consider in our cellar.  Not only did he give us tips, but he took the time to explain why certain features are important.  When his crew showed up to do the install, they did the whole job in one day.  I think they were here nearly 11 hours.  The finish work is pretty impressive.  The final piece of this puzzle was put into place by the guys over at The Stereo Shoppe.  Raymond, Craig and Dave worked with us to uninstall our home stereo components from their old rack (that I had built) and relocated them into a new location that JayMark built into the wall.  Now the components are protected from dust and prying fingers with nice glass doors.

When you first come to the outside door, this is view you have before you enter.  This photo is from our theater room and looking into the wine tasting room with the cellar in the background.  Shelley and I installed the brick on the wall in the foreground when we remodeled this room years ago.  In order to maintain the brick wall illusion, we had Gammill continue the brick theme inside the tasting room and wine cellar.

from the outside

This photo is from inside the tasting room, looking back at the arched door you see in the photo above.  Note the brick wall on the inside matching the outside wall.  The two glass doors you see to the left of the arched door is the wall cabinet where the stereo system is now located.

looking back at front door 2

A close up of the door leading into the wine cellar.  Gammill ended up using an exterior door for this entrance.  We wanted as much glass as we could so you could see into the cellar and we wanted wood to match the cabinets and trim.  All the wood is alder.  You can see the bricked, arched ceiling really well.  We have two types of lighting in the cellar.  In the photo, the uplighting on the sides is on.  This is just for mood when you are having a party and want to highlight the cellar.  There are also three cans in the ceiling for those times when you are working on your wine inventory and need to see better.

cellar door

The next few photos are from inside the cellar itself and show the three walls.  From top to bottom:  The back “Trophy” wall, the left wall (where you can see the wine cellar’s chiller in the top corner), and the right wall.  The wood used in the cellar is all white oak.  None of the wood is finished.  When you leave the door shut for a few days and go inside, you can smell the mild aroma of the wood inside the cellar.  It’s really nice.

back wall 2  left wall

right wall

This is the counter top and cabinets we had put in for storage, sink and wine refrigerator.  We elected not to put up wall cabinets here.  We talked with Mark about this and he suggested the floating shelves instead.  We think it turned out great by giving us more open wall space for art and to display the glasses.  Not all our pictures are up yet, as you can see.

tasting room counter

Along the other side of the tasting room, across from the counter top, is our tasting table.  We had lighting put up above this to highlight the wall behind the table for more pictures once they are selected and framed.

cellar from the tasting room

Finally, to add a subtle touch to the room, Shelley picked up a replica USGS survey marker for the summit of Denali.  We had it installed in the slate right in front of the cellar door.  You can just see it in the photo above as the small, silver, round plate in the tile in front of the door.  Here’s a photo of the actual marker on the summit of Denali.  Below the photo of the real marker is the marker in our tasting room.  By the way, our guide on Denali in 2011, Vern Tejas, took that real marker to the summit and installed it.


usgs marker

I think this might be the last remodel project for our house.  We had a 7-year plan that has now taken 10 years to complete.  But I think this might be it.  We have some house maintenance to do in the coming years like a new roof and painting the house, but as far as remodeling goes, this might be it.  I think we can sit back and enjoy the house for the next 25 years or so now.


4 Responses to “Wine Cellar Remodel is Finished”

  1. TrexDad Says:

    Simply amazing. “Wow” is all I can say.


  2. trexmom Says:

    I second, T Rex Dad’s comment – wow! I cannot wait to see it in person. Plenty of room for more wine, too! A cute, tucked away place for enjoying a drink. Although, I don’t think cute was what you were going for. Okay, a “manly, masculine, handsome place for enjoying a drink.”.


  3. bob Says:

    That is just sad. I’m 800 miles away and can’t come and relax in your cellar.


  4. rich Says:

    You’re only about 525 miles away, Bob. But you’re more than welcome to drop in any time for tastings.


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