Seatte Pub Crawl – 2013

After a two year absence, our Seattle pub crawl is back for 2013.  With two big mountaineering trips over the last two summers it hasn’t been possible to make it over to Seattle for our pub crawl due to training for those climbs.  But with smaller climbs scheduled for this summer, I feel I can afford to take a weekend off from training.

This year’s pub crawl will be our largest ever, with eight people attending on Saturday and six attending on Sunday.  The largest before this year was just four.  Attendees scheduled for this weekend’s trip include:  myself, Hawk, Travis, Robert, Troy, Mike, Nick and Bruce.  Myself and Troy are the only veterans among the group.  Hawk and Nick have attended shorter versions but never a full days worth of events.  That makes Bruce, Mike and Travis the rookies.  I guess we know who is doing all the clean up!

So for this year, myself, Hawk and Travis are driving over on Friday this morning.  With the costs of airfare now, it’s cheaper for three of us to split the gas then to fly.  Troy will fly over Friday afternoon (he can’t get off work early enough to drive with us) and Mike will come up from Oregon by Bolt bus.  Nick is just returning from Japan and will caravan over with Bruce on Friday as well.  Nick’s cat and vehicle have been in storage at Bruce’s house while he was in Japan and he’s just taking them home.

For those not familiar with our pub crawl, we do have three very simple rules.

Rule #1:  No women allowed on the crawl.

Rule #2:  One pint, schooner or sampler per stop, per person.  A pitcher does not count as one beer unless shared by three or more.

Rule #3:  No hookers.  Depending on who you ask, that may be rule #1.

Shocking as it may seem, with all the travel and a baseball game mixed in, we really don’t get that intoxicated.  No, really.  This year, Bruce has volunteered to do the driving all weekend.  He’s going to limit his sampling to 4, 6, or 12 oz samples to keep things in order.  But in the past, we’ve never had any issues with getting drunk.  We usually spend about an hour or so at each brewpub as well.  We are there to enjoy the pubs, the beer and the food.  Not to get hammered or drink as much as possible.  We have a lot of breweries on the schedule, but we probably won’t get to all of them as we spend so much time in each brewery.

Friday evening when my car gets into Seattle, we will pick Troy and Mike up in downtown Seattle.  They both arrive about 30 minutes before we do.  They’ll meet up with each other, then we’ll pick them up.  After we unload the car at my house, it’s off to our pre-crawl function at the 74th St. Ale House.

The focus of this trip will be the numerous new breweries that have opened over the last couple years.  Specifically, those breweries in Ballard.  On this trip we will hit five of the nine breweries in Ballard.  Many of these new breweries in Ballard are very small with limited hours that just don’t coincide with our trip.  So we’ll miss out on The Peddler, NW Peaks and Populux, just to name a few.  There are two additional breweries down by Safeco, Pyramid and Elysian Fields.  We’ll be stopping by one each on Saturday and Sunday before each game.

The list of brewpubs, in order, for Saturday include:

Hale’s Ales.  We’ll start here at 9:30 am for breakfast…..and a beer, of course.

Maritime Pacific.  One of my favorites.

Reuben’s Brews.

Freemont Brewery.  This will be our last stop before heading down to Safeco to watch the Mariners take on the Cubbies.

Post game stops will include:

Schooner Exact.

Hilliards Beer.

The Urban Family Brewing Company.

Nick will not be in attendance for Sunday.  Troy will fly back to Boise after the game on Sunday as well.  The list of brewpubs for Sunday include:

After breakfast at Cafe Javasti (which is 3 blocks from our house), we’ll head down to Safeco for game two of our weekend trip.

After the game will head over to:

McMenamins, Capitol Hill.

Elysian Brewing Company, Capitol Hill.

Elliot Bay Brewery, Lake City.

Naked City Brewing.

Sunday night will finish up with desert at Dilettante Mocha Cafe on Broadway.

This schedule is just a guideline.  We may run out of time on some particular day and not be able to get to all the breweries.  We just may have to make changes on the fly as we go about our trip.

Stay tuned for updates.


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