Pub Crawl – Recap

Just a short recap, with some photos, of a great weekend in Seattle.  There was only one change to the schedule over the weekend.  We were trying to hit Hillard’s in Ballard, but upon arriving they had a huge band and it was packed and very loud.  So, we went around the block to The Peddler instead.  We got lucky in that The Peddler just extended their hours.  Shelley and I have been to The Peddler before and it’s a nice nano-brewery that makes pretty good beer.

On Friday night, Troy’s flight had mechanical problems and he was about 4 hours late getting into Seattle and missed our pre-function dinner at the 74th Street Ale House.  We picked him up around 10:00 pm downtown and we went to The Pike to make up for it.  Here we are at the 74th Street Ale House Friday night waiting for Troy to land.

01 the 74th st ale house 1

Overall, we visited 14 different breweries and one tap house (74th St).  We visited two of Elysian’s breweries (Elysian Fields and Capitol Hill).  I counted that as two different breweries since they each have their own production house.  The eight of us sampled 96 different beers over the weekend.  Some of us had pints at each stop, others had sampler trays.

Here is the complete list.

74th Street Ale House
Hale’s Ales collaboration ale with the 74th St Ale House
Naked City Beer Garden Summer Pale
Snoqualmie Steam Train Porter
Roslyn Brookside Lager
Hale’s Cream Ale

The Pike Brewing Company
Naughty Nellie
Kilt Lifter
Pike Pale

Hale’s Ales
Nightroll Porter on nitro
Kolsch German style ale
Aftermath IPA
Porter float
Gold Rush – Belgium style golden ale
Supergoose IPA

Maritime Pacific Brewing Company
Summer wheat
Nightwatch Dark Amber Ale
Christmas Ale
Islander Pale Ale
Oatmeal Pale Ale
Flagship Red Alt Ale
Flagship Red Alt Ale on cask
Bosun’s Black Porter on nitro
Old Seattle Lager
Imperial Pale Ale on cask

11 reuben's brews 2

While at Reuben’s Brews (above) we got to meet Adam who took quite a bit of time out of his afternoon to talk to us about brewing, yeast, fermentation and other such technicalities of brewing.  It was quite interesting to listen to his story.  On Sunday (the day after this photo was taken) I was walking around SafeCo with Travis, Troy and Mike and we ran into Adam, his wife Grace and Reuben’s Brews namesake, Reuben himself.  I think Reuben might be five.

Reuben’s Brews
Red on nitro
Old heritage Ale
American Rye
Robust Porter
Imperial IPA on nitro
Belgium Pale
American Brown
Imperial Rye IPA

Fremont Brewing
Universal Pale Ale
Abdominal Winter Ale
Peach Wheat
Cowiche Canyon Hop Lab #2
Summer Ale
Interurban IPA
Ferm lab #2

Pyramid Breweries

Schooner Exact
3-grid IPA
West Point Pale
Profanity Hill Porter
King Street Brown
Dry Stout
Raspberry Wheat
Evergreen IPA

The Peddler
Caramel ESB
Patio Pale
Snow Beer’d
Tangerine Wheat
Coffee Saison

Urban Family Brewing Company
Muscles from Brussels
Low Hangin Fruit IPA

Elysian Brewing Company
Ambrosia Maibock
The Fix
The Golden Boot
The Wise ESB
Humdinger Pale Ale
Hombre Mexican-Style Lager
Jasmine Avatar IPA
Paradise Regrained
Superfuzz Blood Orange

26 mcmenamins six arms 7

Quite easily, the most interesting brewery we visited was the McMenamins Six Arms on Capitol Hill, above.  Below is their boil kettle.

26 mcmenamins six arms 4

McMenamins, Six Arms
Hammerhead Pale Ale
Ruby Pale Ale
Hill Top IPA
Gold Ale
Hero’s Hefeweizen
Cooper Moon
Nitro Cream Ale
Monkeywrench Amber Ale
Solar Flare Pale
Paeter’s Porter
Jam Session ISA

Elliot Bay Brewery, Lake City
Luna Weizen
B-Town Brown
No Doubt Stout
Red Von Boorian
Blue Oyster Kolsch
Beyond the Pale
Pilot Light
Pro-am Imperial Stout
California Ave
Elliot Bay Coffee Stout
Portside Barley Wine

31 naked city 4

We found a couple nano-breweries that had some games you could play around with while having your pint.  Above is Naked City.  They just opened this beer garden next door to their tap house.

Naked City Brewery and Tap House
Mild, Mild West Ale
Fleur d’Elise Saison
Screening Room Red India Red Ale
Yankee Drifter Golden Ale


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