Twilight Criterium in Boise

Spent the evening last night with the wife and family downtown watching the Twilight Criterium.  We haven’t watched the race for the last couple years due to mountaineering trips and somethings have changed now.  The orange fences are new.  You used to be able to sit on the curb with nothing between you and racers.  Which was pretty cool.  Here are some pictures and videos I took during the race.

It was a big crowd all around the track.


Pictures from the women’s pro race.

women 6

women 3

women 7

Some people found ways to keep up to date on some other sporting events going on around the world as well.  Yes, that’s the Sounders FC vs San Jose on my wife’s iPhone.

shelley watching soccer 2

Pictures of the men’s pro race.

men 5

men 14

men 16



4 Responses to “Twilight Criterium in Boise”

  1. bob Says:

    Nice shots. Were those taken with the iPhone or a real camera?


  2. rich Says:

    I used our Pentax K30 digital SLR set to “moving object” mode. The lens was a Pentax 55-300 zoom. I took 196 photos and about 20 turned out. Most of the problems I had were related to the camera focusing on the fence just behind the riders so they were just a bit out of focus. They were moving so fast in front of me that it was hard to capture them in focus.


  3. bob Says:

    Yup. Sounds like me when I first started taking volleyball pictures of Olivia. I think in the first match I took over 1500 shots (continuous high-speed shutter for every play) trying to get stop-action photos of contorted faces and flying sweat and only a few would turn out. Since then I’ve been able to get as many good shots without shooting even 100 at the games.

    You should set up a photo-site to display your work. That 3rd from last shot is really nice, even with the cut-off wheel. One thing I learned this year was keeping the zoom a bit less tight and anticipating the motion, then crop in post-op to cut out the background and frame the subject perfectly.

    as in this link.

    (blog editor: Bob, I fixed the link for you).


  4. Carol Hernon Says:

    Beautiful pics.

    See ya… or adios! XO


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