Back to Rainier

We are headed up Rainier Wednesday for our fourth trip onto the mountain and our third summit attempt.  I’m posting this today as we won’t have internet access till Friday evening when we return from the mountain.  We have one summit under our belt from August 2010.  We are climbing with RMI Expeditions.  This is going to be a pretty special climb for the two of us.  We are having the privilege of climbing with one of America’s elite mountaineers, Ed Viesturs.  We have met Ed twice at various outdoor exhibitions and attended two of his lectures, but this will be the first time we have had the chance to climb with him.  Both of us feel pretty fortunate to have had the chance to climb with Vern Tejas on Denali in 2011 and then again in Russia just last year, now we get to climb with Ed.  Ed’s co-guide on the trip will be Peter Whittaker.  We are really looking forward to it.

We are climbing Rainier on the Disappointment Cleaver route via Camp Muir.  Here’s a map of the route starting at Paradise at the bottom.  Camp Muir is about 3/4 of the way up that red line.  Summit day should be about 6 – 7 hours from Camp Muir.

the dc route

We’re not sure we’ll have cell coverage at Camp Muir or not.  We’ve heard different stories about that and it really depends on the carrier.  The last time we visited Camp Muir in 2010, we did not have any at all.  However, that same year we summitted via Camp Schurman on the Emmons Glacier and we did have service there, so who knows.  So you may not get any news from us until we return down off the mountain on July 25.

The only source for updates will be on RMI’s climbing blog.  They don’t break their trips down individually, so you may have to scroll through the list to find ours.  The weather forecast can be found one the Mountain Forecast page.  If that link doesn’t go straight to Mt Rainier, just type “Rainier” into the search window.  You can then check the forecasts for different elevations.  Camp Muir is at about 10,100 feet.

Stay tuned for updates and lets hope the mountain will allow a great summit day.


3 Responses to “Back to Rainier”

  1. Manu G. Says:

    Hi, I’m French and currently living in Mexico. I found your blog a few months ago when I was looking into climning the Izta and the Pico de Orizaba.
    I really liked your posts very detailed and read about other challenges it’s really impressing and inspiring!
    I hope you had an amazing and interesting climb with Ed Viesturs.
    Cheers from Mexico/France


  2. rich Says:

    Hi, Manu G.

    We just got back from our vacation and I’m still catching up. Thanks for the comment and the kind words about our blog. I have a back log of posts to type out and a recap from Mt Rainier is one of them. It was a great climb.

    I hope you get a shot at Izta and Orizaba. They are quite different from each other. We had a great time on both mountains. If you go to Izta, let me know if that little mountain dog is still around. Shelley and I still talk about that dog.


  3. Manu G. Says:

    Hi Rich,

    Thank you for your answer. Of course I’ll tell you about the dog when I’ll climb the Izta.
    Right now I’m training with a group for an other Mexican peak : el Picacho del Diablo.

    It’s an interesting one since it require rock climbing, and orientation skills too. I’ll climb it in November.

    I hope this training will give me the condition to climb both Izta and Orizaba after.

    Take care,


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