Back to Alps

We are headed back to the alps.

Last year Shelley and I hiked around the Swiss Alps for a few weeks after I climbed Mt Elbrus.  The plan had been to climb Mont Blanc, but with Shelley’s knee injury that plan fell through.  By the time August rolled around, however, she was well enough to hike but just couldn’t carry any weight.  So we did a lot of hiking around Zermatt, Murren and Grindelwald.  We spent a lot of time looking up at the great peaks and watching other climbers with our binoculars.

This summer, we’re going to be those climbers.

the eiger

The above photo is from our trip last summer and shows (left to right) the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau.

We are climbing with Adventure Consultants this trip.  We’ll be going to Chamonix first.  During this first part of the trip we’ll be doing an acclimation climb on Gran Paradiso, the highest peak in Italy.  After Gran Paradiso, we’ll take a shot at Mont Blanc.  Our route up Mont Blanc will take us via the Gouter Hut.

Once we are off Mont Blanc, we have two full days to ourselves in Chamonix to sight see and explore.  Our hotel during all our days in Chamonix is the Hotel La Chaumiere.

After our couple days in Chamonix we are headed to Grindelwald where we will take the Jungfrau Railway up to the Jungfraujoch Railway Station.  After leaving the station, we’ll climb the Monch on our way to the Mönchjoch hut.  This is where we will spend the next couple nights.  From the Mönchjoch hut, we’ll be making summit bids for the Jungfrau and the Eiger.  Understand, we are not climbing the Eiger via the Nordwand.  There are more moderate approaches to the summit and that’s the route we will be taking.  Specifically, via the south ridge.

After our climbing is done, we’ll head back to Chamonix and pick up our gear we left behind at the hotel and continue on to Annecy to finish off our vacation.

We should have wifi in most of the hotels we are staying at and hopefully I’ll be able to post short updates during the trip.  But with all the sight seeing going on, I may not want to hang out in the room typing on the internet.  So don’t be surprised if the updates are short or non-existent.  You may have to wait till I get back.  Course, I don’t even have our last Rainier trip posted.  I’m way behind.


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