Hanging in Chamonix

After our 20 hours of travel Friday and Saturday, today (Sunday) we are just hanging out in Chamonix till we start our climbing tomorrow on Gran Paradiso.  Luckily we had no delays on our flights and all our bags made it without any side trips to Figi.

Today we walked around town checking out some cafes and shops.  There’s an English pub called, The Pub, that’s pretty nice and shows the EPL games.  The waitress is from Massachusetts.  We’re going to watch Chelsea tonight then eat dinner at an Indian restaurant down the street from the pub.

Here are some pictures from our first full day in Chamonix.  First with the view out of hotel room this morning.  Our room faces the south side of the valley here so we are not looking up at Mont Blanc.

out our window

Here is the hotel from the street.

our hotel

Some street scenes from our walk around Chamonix.  We had a small snack and drink at the cafe on the right under the brown umbrellas.  It was run by couple from the UK.

main square

street scene 1

the river

Tomorrow morning we meet our guide for this trip and start our acclimatization hikes on Gran Paradiso.  That will happen over Monday and Tuesday.  We’ll be back in Chamonix late Tuesday, have Wednesday off as a rest day, and start up Mont Blanc on Thursday with our summit attempt being on Friday morning.  Right now, the long term weather forecast for Mont Blanc is not great.  Rain and snow move in this evening and the forecast is for 3 inches of snow overnight on Thursday.  That might pose a problem.  But this is a long term forecast and it is changing every 12 hours.  Course, it has been changing for the worse every 12 hours.  Right now the temperatures are good, the wind is good, it’s just the snow accumulation.  But we also don’t know much about Mont Blanc.  3″ may be nothing over here and not pose a concern.  We just don’t know till that day gets here and we really see what we have.

We have options that we’ll have to talk over with our guide.  We have two rest days, Saturday and Sunday, in Chamonix that we can use for climbing if we get washed out on Friday.  But we would have to pay for those days as they are not part of our climb.   We could also go early and cut out the rest day on Wednesday in Chamonix.  Or the weather simply gives us a break.

This post will be our last update for this trip till we get back from Gran Paradiso.  It may be our last update till we get back from Mont Blanc if we go up early on Wednesday.  I might have time to post a short update as to our plans, but wifi is hard to come by outside of the hotel room and I’m not data roaming.  At some point we will let you know how things are moving along.


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