Today’s Thought on Capitalism and Freedom

This quote has been making the rounds lately and I wanted to take some time to post it and spread it around a bit myself.


“No citizen can be secure while our peace forces are subject to murderous attacks in the street.  No officer can be expected to perform his duty at a high level which the public properly expects of him if he must be continually apprehensive that even his most routine activities will bring him face-to-face with senseless and unprovoked gunfire.  This deadly violence is wholly indiscriminate.  Any policeman, at any time, has become a target for a killer, and this is plainly intolerable.  Any person who commits an armed assault on a police officer will be hunted with every resource available to this Department.  We will not conduct business as usual while a would-be cop killer is loose.  I call upon all citizens to consider clearly what effect impassioned rhetoric condemning all policemen may have on the desperate or deranged.  A climate of hostility that equates policemen with animals is unquestionably in my view encourages the possibility of lethal violence against the men who are sworn to provide safety and justice for all our citizens and who, with very few exceptions, live up to this duty.”

NYPD Commissioner Patrick Murphy, 1970-1973


3 Responses to “Today’s Thought on Capitalism and Freedom”

  1. burl Says:

    Saw this coming 10 years ago, police are all that stands in his way. He stands with the thugs, they elected him. Burl

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  2. burl Says:

    You do realize that an attack on law enforcement is an attack on the states by the fed. However, Texas has not seen these attacks because Obama is afraid of Texas. Our law enforcement is much more powerful and diverse, ie. the Texas Rangers, DPS, etc. also we have a real death penalty. Burl

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  3. Bob Says:

    In case anyone is still listening, and if Fox can keep this video up for years, here’s a more recent clip from New York’s former mayor with a similar message while Baltimore becomes the example of what Murphy was sayings years earlier.

    While the mayor in Baltimore turns on the police, there are more American’s being murdered on a monthly basis in Baltimore these days than Americans killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan war on a monthly basis.

    If New York had such a high murder rate per capita, there would be 500 murders a month in New York.


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