First Reactions

Early in the evening, shortly after Kentucky closed, I saw a report that Rand Paul won his re-election.  He was the guy I wanted on the GOP ticket.  At that time, I really felt that was going to be the only good news I would see all night.
Not that Trump as President is good news.
An “R” in the White House is good news.
But holy cow…….I never thought the White House, the House, the Senate and 30 Governors?  Talk about a complete and total rejection of the current DNC policies.  It’s like 2008 but with a Republican version.  And that’s exactly what it was…..a rejection of those policies.  Just think how bad it would have been for the Democrats if women, blacks, asians and Latinos had voted for Trump and the Republicans.  Thank God for the uneducated white man!
I’m not happy with the GOP.  I haven’t been for some time.  In fact, I’m down right cynical and jaded.  I admit it.  I’m not happy with Paul Ryan (there was a time when I really thought he might be the one to make a difference) as I don’t think he’s the same Ryan that was the VP candidate in 2012 or the fiscally conservative Representative from 2009.  Our fiscal house, for me, is the 2nd biggest issue our country faces and nothing in this election result changes this course.  I don’t think a Trump Presidency will stop the bleeding of our national debt.  Hillary wasn’t going to change it either.  No one has a guts to change it.  Not Trump, not Hillary and not Bernie.
But I am happy the 2nd Amendment is safe.  Specifically, I’m happy that an individual right to carry a gun, possess a gun and use a gun for one’s personal, self defense is safe and free from future “reasonable” Federal Government over-regulation.  Dammit, and I bought all those guns, spare parts, tanks, drones and booby traps too.  Should have used that money to buy TSLA!
I’m glad that Heller, Graham and Garner are all safe.
I doubt the Federal Government will change its policy towards the 4th Amendment, however.  That does makes me sad.
I could say that I’m happy that the rule of law is better protected, but I’m not sure that will be the case.  Not because Trump is some sort of corrupted law breaker.  I think he’ll just be a pawn in the GOP Legislative sprocket.  That is till he gets pissed off at that sprocket and switches parties mid-term.  I just don’t think, in the upper tiers of our current party system, the rule of law really has that much meaning any more.  Hell, the DNC screwed over their own constituents to get a corrupted, unindicted felon on the Presidential ballot for God’s sake.  Say what you want about Bernie, but I’d rather be an admitted socialist then be a unindicted felon.  Give the man some credit.  There are DNC activists on video talking about how to rig elections through voter fraud and plant moles in campaign stops.  When will you Democrats learn that the DNC doesn’t care about you any more than the GOP cares about me?  Even this uneducated white man figured that out 10 years ago.
I liked what a commenter said last night…..The people voted for the repugnant outsider instead of the repugnant insider.  That he’s an outsider……I hope beyond hope…….that it makes some type of difference.  But because of the way these two parties are structured, I doubt it will have much “change” at all.  See what I did there!
So, my guy lost last night.  He never had a chance, I knew that when I filled in that bubble.  Did I waste my vote?  No, I don’t think so.  My vote had a purpose and a “hope” behind it.  Ha!  Did it again!
I haven’t seen the national numbers yet but I can always hope that one day another option between two terrible options is given to all 50 states with the same gusto as these two screwed up parties.  But alas, I’m sad because I doubt that will be the case.  The media doesn’t want that, the GOP doesn’t want that, the DNC doesn’t want that and 118,723,655 (and counting) people don’t want that.  So, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and we’ll keep getting what we’re getting.

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